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Thorndon School is a KiVa school. KiVa stands for antibullying. 

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The KiVa programme is a model funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and developed by the University of Turku in order to reduce school bullying. KiVa has been shown to reduce bullying and to increase well-being at school.

The students will take part in the KiVa lessons (the full series of lessons are taught at Year 2 and Year 5 with key lessons taught throughout the school).  The lessons include discussions, group work, short films about bullying and role play. Their content proceeds from general topics such as the importance of respect in human relationships to the mechanism and consequences of bullying. Many lessons concentrate on the role a group can have in maintaining or stopping bullying; the students think about and practice different ways to resist bullying. 

The programme enables children to identify what is bullying and to stop it or report it when they see it happening. There is a KiVa team that deals with cases of bullying and this team works with both the bullied and bullying children to stop the bullying. 

Bullying is: 



Targeted at a relatively defenseless or a less powerful person.

Bullying is not:

A conflict 

An argument

A fight.

We ask that you all take any bullying situation seriously.

  • Cooperate with the school

  • Inform the school about a bullying case

  • Trust in the school’s ability to handle the matter

  • Discuss bullying with your child even if s/he is not being bullied or s/he is not bullying others

  • What should be done if you notice bullying?

​Let’s encourage children to not join in on bullying, to support the victims, and to tell adults about bullying.

KiVa Anti-bullying Programme

Parent Information Booklet

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