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Young leaders


Our Young Leaders Group is selected each year from children who have already shown some leadership skills within their peer group or those we believe have the potential to become effective young leaders.
These skills are developed further through our involvement in the Halogen Foundation's "Always a Leader" programme and the children concerned are given opportunities to use these skills and show leadership within the school.

Song Writing Group

Piano Keyboard

The Songwriting Group consists of students who already receive instrument tuition, show a talent for creating music and are interested in the craft of song writing. Using the music editing software ‘Garageband’ and group discussion, children use their own melodies to experiment with structure, rhythm, instrumentation and lyric writing. Children in the group work towards the goal of entering a song in the Thorndon School Songwriting Competition.

This is held in Term 4 every year and all finished songs are available for free download from bandcamp.



Mzilla is an annual magazine of Thorndon School writing and illustration.


 The writing included in this magazine is selected by student editors.


Mzilla represents a children's selection of children's writing.

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